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The Wellness Benefits of Hill Walking

This weekend, I completed the first step to become a Lowland Leader. As part of this course, I had to do a presentation on something connecting to hillwalking. I obviously choose Wellness!

So I am sharing it with you.

The Wellness Benefits of Hill Walking

Indoor classes

I have taught group classes indoors for almost 15 years, and when Covid hit, we made the move over to zoom. The first thing I recognised was that my clients were only starting to learn each others names because they could see the name under each person. How was that possible when they have been in the same class together for the previous 5 years!

It made me realise that indoor classes meant that everyone came in, took their place on their mat, completed their class and went home. There was little to no social interaction.


The other thing that Covid changed was the movement of outdoor activities. When guiding a group walking outdoors, my clients learnt more about each other in 30 mins than 5 years of attending the same class indoors.

The other thing I realised is the amount of time we spend indoors in Ireland. We have this perception that the weather is always bad, when in reality, once you are out and moving, it really isn't!

Group Walk Benefits

  • Deepening the breath and fresh air

  • Group effort and team work

  • A chance to talk to others. It is easier to talk to someone walking alongside them rather than face to face.

  • Mountains in particular, you get that feeling of getting away from it all, you get a new perspective and problems seem smaller when you look down on them

  • Spas try to replicate the outdoor environment, the benefits of running water and natural stone.

  • Disconnecting from daily routine

  • Having a guide means there is no need to think

  • Hardship = satisfaction and reward. I guarantee that sandwich in your bag will taste better at the end of the walk rather than at the beginning!

  • Time to think

  • Moving meditation, same action over and over (concentration on one thing)

  • Exercise and movement benefits as we already know

  • Having to be in the present moment as you don’t know what is around the next corner.

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