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An Exploration of Sacred Union


Friday 13th of September 2019

7.30pm - 9.30pm

Message from Sarah Keane, facilitator of the event...

"Traditionally Sacred Union is considered to be a relationship in which we see and meet the Divine in another person, experiencing 'Oneness' through deep intimate connection.

Among the New Age movement this type of relationship is most commonly associated with the concept of a soul mate, twin flame or ‘the beloved’… the idea of a dream partner that can bring us an ultimate sense of completion and meaning.

In this group session we will be delving into this topic with the intention of gaining clarity around what Sacred Union truly is, how to embody it and how it subsequently impacts all of our relationships - including our most intimate connection.

This will be both a reflective and experiential journey - we will touch on themes such as:

Loving All of the masculine - confronting the parts we’ve unconsciously rejected/ refuse to love
Loving All of the feminine - confronting the parts we’ve unconsciously rejected / refuse to love
Mutual honouring - evolving beyond yo-yoing between self-sacrifice & self-preservation in relationship
Beyond romantic idealism and fixating on ‘the one’ - dissolving attachment and restoring clarity to choose uplifting connection
Conscious Co-creation - getting clear on preferences and choosing relationship in alignment with the future you envision.
Different types of relationship and Sacred Partnership.

The experiential part of the session will be intuitively guided and will include elements of deep relaxation, meditation, conscious processing, energy clearing and individual readings (at discretion of each participant)

** Pre-booking only as group is limited to 10 places **

PayPal link below : €30

If you'd like more info about my work you can find it here:

And if you'd like to experience my online sessions, you're welcome to join my free fbk group Evolution of Being 💖"

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